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London, UK £1,000 per day
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Examination & Evaluation of Sales, Marketing, Competition, HR & Reward, Variable & Fixed Costs, Investment Return, & Budgets. Analysis of existing position, people & processes, from facts, providing a commercial view. Assessment & Promotion of individuals, on ability to deliver core elements. Ensuring Incentive, by team building, trust, & reward, to deliver on time. Devising, Delineating & Delivering, executable plans, for both recovery & growth, by applying the management & interpersonal skills held. Strong Communicating at all “levels” oral, written, numeric. presentational, as “team player” to “board level.” & “stage audience” Enquiry nothing too big, too small, or diverse.


Private Start up, SME LSE & NYSE listed companies, including an IPO as CEO to the LSE.
Public Government, NHS, Trade Associations, Charities, Clubs & Education.
Locations UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
Property Selling, Feasibility, Value, Yield %, Land Buying, Planning, Construction, Chaining.
Marketing Plan, Product, Price, Position, Place, Promotion, Market Research, Competition, USP.
Finance & Law Budgets, Reports, KPI’s, Return%, Audit, Taxes, Structure, Funding, Contracts, Law.
HR Terms, JD, Assessment, Reward, Empathy, Communicating, Training, Unions.
ERP & IT Maapics (IBM), SAP, DEC & IBM, Comms, Outsourced IT/ERP, Industry Software
Healthcare Care Homes, Therapy, Pharmacy, NHS, Acute, Long Stay & A&E.
Hospitality Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Casinos, Discos Clubs, Timesharing, Spas, Golf & Airbnb.
Manufacturing Heavy & Light, SAP/MRP/BOM, ISO, QC, Canvas, Plastics, Glass, Adhesives, Rubber.
Logistics Road, Parcel Services, Storage & Distribution, Pallets Services, Steel, Liquids, Timber.
Printing Inkjet Media Coated Paper, Coating Kitchen, Litho & Web Technologies .


Available from: Now
Available hours per week: 50


Accountancy, Change Management, Charity & Not-for-Profit, Commerce & Industry, Construction, Customer Relationship Management, Cyber Security, Education & Training, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Financial Services, Food & Drink, Healthcare, IT & Systems, Manufacturing, Project & Programme Management, Retail & Leisure, Sales and Marketing
Last updated: 12 December, 2018