Tim ******* I'm a gifted transformational change specialist whose heartfelt passion is to enable change at a personal, organisational and global level

London, UK
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My experience tells me that everything all of us do is based on our way of being. I am committed to be loving in every moment, this commitment lies at the heart of my passion for transformational change

Looking specifically at my experience as a Programme Director/trouble shooter for Financial Services Organisations across the globe, I get passionate about enabling corporations and individuals to improve their lives and the lives of those they interact with. Having developed a track record of being repeatedly re-hired into a succession of interim roles, over the coming months I’m open to exploring where and how I can make a difference working as an employee.

My approach is simple, proven, scalable and repeatable. It is to understand:
1. WHY are we looking at this problem/opportunity?
2. WHAT is the extent of this problem/opportunity?
3. HOW should we tackle the problem/opportunity to maximise our benefit whilst minimising our risk?

I’ve refined and employed this approach successfully on programmes of change where teams have ranged from 1 to 100+, across single sites to multiple locations globally, with budgets ranging from £100,000 to £100m+

My aim is to empower and educate individuals so that I am no longer essential to the day to day work. I believe that my track record of delivery and repeated re-hiring demonstrates the success of my style and approach.


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Last updated: 24 April, 2019