5 things overlooked when rolling out work from home policies

We have been working from home due to ‘lockdown’ for what seems like an eternity and could feel like we have got our work from home strategy perfected.  However, there are some common factors that may have been missed when putting together your remote working policies, but as is evident during these changing times, it doesn’t take long to fix what has been missed. Here are some suggestions that you can implement so you can maintain security, engagement and all-important productivity.  

Tech Infrastructure 

Ok, so most of your employees will have access to personal laptops to work from, but do you really want them to do this long-term? Providing laptops and other tech hardware will benefit the security of your business data and much more.  

You shouldn’t just stop at laptops. It’s important to think of all aspects of your tech infrastructure, from firewalls (and up-to-date patches), backups, collaboration apps, to home WiFi 

IT Support 

As you may have experienced, it has been a busy time for your IT department, as it all falls to them to ensure that employees can work from home quickly and issue free. It is possible that your team may be stretched and even some knowledge gaps could appear.  

Now is the right time to assess your team and get the expertise of outsourced specialists to help set up a robust IT support system that fits your new home working reality. 

Customer Experience 

During this time of uncertainty, customer experience should be one of the most important aspects of your new working from home procedures. Have you got all bases covered? Do you have the right telephone infrastructure set up, so customers can easily get hold of you? Are your social media channels being manned?  

It’s important even more so now that you keep talking to customers, as quickly as possible, to remind them that you are there and that you are still able to provide the same level of service you did before lockdown happened.  

Staff Morale 

During this time, it has become apparent even more so than ever, that the need to feel connected to others, is important for a good quality of life. Make sure you stay connected to your employees. It’s easy to forget to be social when all work is being completed and there are more pressing issues on your mind.  

Ensure that you have regular check-ins, put on social activities that can be held digitally, such as virtual breakfasts or pub quizzes, anything that will keep morale high.  


Following on from Staff Morale, productivity during this time could take a dip, especially as many people are working different hours to accommodate childcare. Without the usual workplace routine, it’s a good idea to source and share productivity tips with your team, to help keep everyone on track.