5 Tips Before Going Self Employed In 2020

Did you know that Britain’s self-employed population has grown to over 5 million people for the first time? According to the data from the Office for National Statistics, it shows that during the three months to the end of November last year, there were 5,001,000 self-employed people.  

Do you want to join the self-employed ranks? There are many benefits and negatives to going self-employed and it’s not for everyone. However, the reality is, that if you have continuously held down a job, or pursued a career, your skills will be transferable in the freelance world. The main thing is that you need to be prepared. Which is why we have put together a few tips to help you go self-employed in 2020.  

5 Tips Before Going Self Employed In 2020

Make a plan 

Have you been dreaming of quitting your job for ages? It’s time to make a plan! It’s ideal to set yourself a three-month timescale to make your move. This will allow you to save some money, identify clients, and even get a few clients on board, before you make the move into self-employed life.  

Set up a website 

No matter what type of self-employed career you are looking to start, be it Builder, Social Media Manager or an Accountant, you will need to get yourself a website. Setting up a website nowadays is simple and doesn’t cost a lot. Any skills you do need to set up a basic website are quick to learn and there will be a YouTube tutorial showing you how to do it.  

Don’t turn down work 

This may sound obvious, but in the beginning, you should avoid turning down work, or if you have to, think very long and hard before you say no. Why are you thinking about turning the piece of work down? Is it the fee? Then negotiate a fee that is more workable for you. Is it the type of work? Not everything is going to fit your skill area but it’s an excellent opportunity to show clients what you can do.  

Set the right price 

This is going to be one of the hardest challenges you are going face when being self-employed. Pricing a job too low and you could feel like you are working for nothing, whilst setting the price too high could mean clients can’t work with you, and work could dry up. The best piece of advice we can give? Set a target price, that you would like to work at, as well as setting a lower price for yourself, so you have negotiating room with new clients, that will still earn you enough to live off, and clients feel like they are getting a good deal.  

Set Your Own Work/Life Balance  

One of the best things about being self-employed is that you can set your own hours, meaning there could be a massive improvement in Work/Life Balance. Take advantage of this, you don’t have to work the normal 9 to 5, you can work the hours you want. So, if you like the idea of working out for 3 hours in the middle of the day, do so! If you want to take a class that’s in the afternoon… you can!  


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