3 Predictions For The Self Employed In 2020

Small businesses and those who are self employed have had an uncertain few years. After all the ups and downs, it’s time for some positive news! So, what does 2020 have in store for the self-employed, freelancers, and independent consultants? Well, that’s where this article comes in! We have put together the top predictions experts have given for 2020!  

Businesses Will Start Using 5G  

What is 5G? 5G is the next upgrade for mobile phone networks which promises much faster connectivity than 4G. Despite the health concerns that come along with 5G the benefits for those who are self-employed are high. For example, 5G can give you more flexibility as to where you work, how you communicate with your clients throughout the world, and how quickly and efficiently you get work done.  

At the moment, only higher-end phones have 5G capability, but phone manufacturers are including 5G as standard for their new handsets. Right now, access to 5G is limited, but there should be a gradual roll out during 2020.  


IR35 Will Be Rolled Out To Private Sector 

Changes to off-payroll working rules, which is more commonly known as IR35, will be introduced in 2020. The changes to these rules will affect those who are self-employed and freelancers who work via their own personal service company.  

The rules are new for the private sector, however, they have been in force in the public sector since 2017. Although the responsibility for determining IR35 status lies with the end client there are steps you can take if you want to protect your IR35 status.  

To find out more about IR35 this handy guide will give you an overview of the basics. 


The Future Of The Office Looks Uncertain 

With the advances of technology and the need for flexible office spaces increase, it looks highly likely that the future of conventional offices will be uncertain. Which is good news for those who are self-employed or working freelance!  

In the recent ‘The Workpleace Future’ report, by Nespresso Professional and the Future Laboratory, claims that by 2030 “we will see dramatic change as office design creates hyper-flexible, human-centric spaces to inspire new levels of productivity.” 

So, what does this mean? This means that conventional offices may be transformed to offices that offer a more flexible way of working, which will be beneficial to those who are self-employed. 

Conventional offices could have these changes… 

Worktels’ – workspaces that are inspired by hospitality, which offers space for people to work, play and stay. 

Resilience Culture – foundations for future workspaces that will enable physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  

Biophilic Design – offices that are designed to mimic environments that we find in nature, to reduce stress and increase productivity.  


2020 Will Be the Year Of Stories  

Social media has quickly evolved into an essential means of marketing for most businesses. In the past, it used to be all about the news feed, and how to rank at the top on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, but in 2020 stories are taking over.  

What does this mean for those who are self-employed or working as an independent consultant? Firstly, if you aren’t currently using social media to promote your services, 2020 is a good year to start.  

Secondly, moving away from the traditional news feed posts can help you promote your services, and get clients engaged in what you have to offer. Depending on the services you provide, you could easily record advice or comment on industry news, post it on the social media site that your clients use, so they can see your expertise. What are the benefits of video compared to a written post? It’s easier for clients to consume and quicker for you to produce.  


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