5 Self Marketing Tips for Contractors and Consultants

Working as a contractor is very similar to running your own business. It all starts and ends with you. Which means you have all the responsibility when it comes to finding your next contract role, selling yourself to prospective clients and recruiters, as well as all your own accounting. Sometimes, we aren’t good at all of the aspects of running our own contracting life or business, which is why we have put together some self-marketing tips to help you land your next contracting role.  

5 self-marketing tips for landing your next contracting role 

Self-marketing tip 1 – Become An Expert 

A great way to market yourself is to show yourself as an expert in what you do, by showing off your skills and knowledge to potential companies and recruiters. You can do this in a number of ways, such as using LinkedIn Groups to contribute to questions posted, share thought-leading content, and take full advantage of LinkedIn articles. You can also offer to write articles for popular information sites, professional publications and bulletin boards in your industry. 

Self-marketing tip 2 – Social Media 

Another way to show yourself as an expert is to use social media to your advantage and build up a following of industry peers. As there are loads of different social media platforms, you need to choose the one to focus on carefully. Do a bit of research to find out which platform is most used in your industry. Once you have found that out, create and schedule curated content that will show off your knowledge, and don’t forget to engage with your community. Also, search engines use social signals in their ranking algorithm, so if you have a website, it will benefit from any work you do on growing your social presence.  

Self-marketing tip 3 – Testimonials  

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your achievements and are ideal pieces of content to use on social media and your website. It can help attract protentional clients and recruiters who are on the hunt for the talent you have to offer. It’s easy to ask for testimonials via LinkedIn from colleagues and clients, the bonus in doing this is that these testimonials will help recruiters and potential clients decide if they should contact you when doing candidate searches. 

Self-marketing tip 4 – Network  

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people buy from people, and probably always will, no matter the advances in technology. So, take advantage of networking events in your industry, because you can’t beat traditional networking for making an impression, and to get the latest industry news.  

Self-marketing tip 5 – Catch Ups  

Our final piece of advice when it comes to self-promotion is probably the easiest. Schedule catch-ups with old colleagues, contractors and clients! You never know who has the hottest tips on who is looking for the talent you have to offer.  


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