Are you currently thinking about a career in consulting?

Taking the step into becoming an independent consultant is an exciting one. Many professionals have decided to take this path, who have very different experiences to one another, so this is certainly something you can do too. As with any business function, different business areas are in more demand than others. Which is why we put together this guide, to show you which types of consulting careers that are currently in high demand. 

Human Resources  

A key factor in a business’s long-term success is employee management. Human Resources Consultants help businesses create effective processes to manage training and development, employee engagement and satisfaction, conflict resolution, employee benefits and pensions, as well as talent mobility.  

Human Resources Consultants have a broad knowledge of many fields including accounting, marketing, IT, finance and labour laws. This helps them to fully understand businesses HR issues and put in processes that will best remedy them.  

Usually, Human Resources Consultants have a Bachelor’s Degree in either Human Resources Management or Business Administration, as well as a specialist HR certification from a governing body.  

IT / Technology  

Technology is developing every day, and businesses need to keep up, to maintain a competitive edge and achieve their goals in the best way possible. The IT consulting industry is worth $408 Billion which is nearly double the value of the management consulting industry.  

IT or Technology Consultants consult on Systems Integration, Enterprise Architecture, Software Management, and Data Analytics amongst other technology areas. IT or Technology Consultants need to have a detailed knowledge of analytic software, cloud computing, leading applications, security practices etc. As well as keeping up to date with emerging technology and news.  

Working in IT or Technology consulting is a challenge, but because of the ever-growing demand, and emerging technology, it means it’s pretty easy to get into.  

Marketing / Social Media 

All businesses need to attract, convert and retain new clients on a day to day basis. There are many ways that it can be done, but with constant changes in marketing, and the skills needed to execute winning campaigns, businesses often look to Marketing and Social Media Consultants to help.  

Marketing and Social Media Consultants help businesses with improving and executing campaigns such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), direct response marketing, social media, and pretty much any marketing channel you can think of. Most consultants specialise in one or two marketing channels and build a brand around being an expert in their chosen fields.  

The most common type of marketing consultant is those specialising in social and online marketing. It’s a field where degrees and qualifications really don’t mean anything, and it’s all based on results. Meaning that anyone can do it, and because of that, it’s a very competitive field.  


Every business needs to be in control of their Finances to survive and thrive. As not all businesses need to hire a full-time Finance person, many opt for engaging consultants to help them with all types of finance tasks. On either a long term or project basis.  

Finance Consultants come in many forms and help with lots of different financial tasks. Consultants can deal with all aspects of accounting, payroll, tax, transaction services, restructuring, risk management, forensics and litigation.  

Finance is such a varied field which means finance consultants mainly focus on one specialism. Most consultants have specific qualifications or license depending on the area they are focusing on.  

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