Welcome to Soloist

A brand new jobs platform and professional network for consultants, coaches, mentors, business advisors, interim directors, and non-executive directors


Whether you are a consultant or coach with several clients on your books, an interim or non-executive director working at board level within a company for fixed period, or a mentor to businesses and other solo-preneurs, we invite you to join the UK's most diverse network of independent professionals!

Soloist can help you improve your presence in your precise industry space and location, elevate your visibility and reach, and enable interested recruiters and end-client businesses to find you, while keeping your personal information secure and hidden from search engines and the public.



When you create your profile on Soloist and upload your CV, your details are added to our database and kept securely on our systems.

You can view and edit your profile from within your own Candidate Dashboard.


Once the network has grown to around 500 candidates, we will open up searching to our network of over 600 recruiters in the interim and consultancy space. We are also marketing the platform to businesses across all industries who are interested in using independent experts to grow their business.

Recruiters purchase a number of credits which they use to 'unlock' profiles. Your name, company name (if applicable), photo and the ability to download your CV and contact you will all be hidden until a recruiter unlocks your profile.

All other information on your profile will, however, be visible to recruiters to allow them to assess you as a potential fit. They will be able to search based on location, industry and daily rate and shortlist groups of candidates.


Finally, we will open up the functionality for recruiters to post job roles in consultancy, coaching, interim management, project management, and non-executive and mentorship opportunities.

Candidates will have the ability to apply for job roles securely and directly to recruiters through the site.

Be an early adopter and get ahead of the pack

Not only is use of our service completely free for candidates, but our early adopters can enjoy special benefits. If you are one of the first 500 candidates to create a profile with Soloist, we will put your CV in front of 5 specialist recruiters in your industry sector and location.

If you are one of the next 500 candidates to join, we will put your CV in front of 1 specialist recruiter in your industry sector and location.

And, we will work tirelessly to promote our entire network to recruiters on a regular basis, because we want to help you to build your portfolio of clients and thrive in your business.

All CV submissions will be vetted by our team to ensure consistency and quality.

CV tips

We've summarised our top CV tips in this handy infographic. Enjoy and share!

Connect with us on social

You wouldn't be a solo-preneur if you weren't fiercely independent and didn't enjoy your own company! But sometimes going solo in business can be lonely. With work colleagues now a thing of the past, it's essential to nurture your social side - and our social media networks are built for that purpose. We'll be opening our LinkedIn and Facebook discussion groups for candidates shortly after we launch phase 1 of the site, so keep an eye out for your invite, which will be sent to you after joining!